Or on the HV output also? When there is a spark, your coil is essentially short circuited and therefore drawing a lot of current. These transistors can switch a good amount of power quite quickly, but they can be sensitive to voltage spikes caused by feedback in the circuit, or faulty ignition coils. I used to download pdfs from emule … but it seems that it stoped … anyone knows? The output current could be measured by placing an ammeter in series with the output, or by measuring the voltage drop across a small resistor and calculating it using ohms law. My frein gave me this circuit and claimed it had worked before.

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DIY Homemade Ignition Coil Driver – RMCybernetics

The 2 DC source grounds are not connected. Ifnition will give you quite large spikes after each output pulse. Thank you to say to me if my idea is good.

A diode is usually placed in parallel with the transistor like shown in the top schematic on this page.

At ignitoon point I was using a 1MFD capacitor and no resistor. You have mentioned that he coils are orientated so that when one is fully positive, the other is fully negative so there is a larger voltage between the two, this however would involve the output of the coils to be AC.

If you just have some posts in the ground and wire strung between ignitio with standoffsyou should be fine. To avoid saturating the transformer core you would need to set the pulse width very low by adjusting VR2.


Does it have to be a ? No probs, thanks for sharing.

DIY Mini Tesla Coil

There are many ways to build a solid state Tesla coil. More power to you. How can i increase output or improve design?

If I had a rotary spark gap with the contacts spaced just the right distance around the wheel making the gap fire at just the right timeswould I be able to run a tesla coil off of that, without the capacitor? When this flow of current is halted the magnetic field which was sustained by that current will collapse.

It will only activate at around volts. We also have similar devices available in the shop. More turns means more inductancebut this is totally unrelated to the power output you can achive. Yes, almost any npn transistor will work if it rated for the voltage you use. I chose the 2n because it can carry more current than the and it should take less of them to do a larger job. I can emagine the arcs would rotate and probaly form some kind of vortex.

When you are satisfied you have found the best turn number, you should fine tune it bu making smaller adjustments. If all metal parts are insulated and the coil is running at high frequency, then there is little danger from touching the glass.

DIY Mini Tesla Coil – RMCybernetics

2n305 July 15, Where can a finde a pulse modulator that can make good modulated square wave? The output of them is a high voltage spike rather than a continuous sine waveform. Sw1 need to be opened or closed? Thanks for your help. The current can be calculated in a similar way.


One jolt could stop your heart or make you jump and injure yourself. Is connecting all the components through a bread board OK? This method involves repeatedly firing up the coil and then adjusting the the HV circuit. My blog is caringbridge. Because I have limited access to electronics parts, I try to find schematics that use parts that I have.

Hi, I made a circuit using a timer and a power trasnsitor a BU voltage of 12 volts using a bosch ignition coil of 36 kv i can get it to work but the spark they produce is too short as 7 mm How could I coio to increase the spark to more than 3 cm tks.

This may be difficult in practice as the timing would need to be quite precise.

The positive HV DC output is only used to create an electrostatic attraction between the moving ignltion cathode rays and the inner surface of the screen.