I bought this phone since my awesome went kaput screen went blank after 2 years of being the original owner. Common Questions When is the release date? Call history can be divided unlike some phones. The sound is distorted and hard to hear sometimes. Volume and ring level not good in noisy areas. I would not buy this phone. This score is based on our evaluation of sources including reviews from users and the web’s most trusted critics.

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I’ve used my phone to take pictures of clay tablets in a local museum, and they provided I went with the house charger on my second phone and it powers on and off constantly until the charge gets to 3 cells, then it charges consitantly the rest of the way.

Audiovox released the on September 7, I bought this phone since my auidovox went kaput screen went blank after 2 years of being the original owner. Just a blocked feature perhaps? I have problems. Over the next few weeks, we’ll experience the sights and sounds of celebrations across cultures.

Battery life is pretty decent.

I hope the other virgin mobile camera phones are better, than this piece of 89100. I go to the store of original purchase Future shop and the third rate company they send it to can’t fix the phone and send it back to me. The Audiovox currently has an Informr score of 7 out of Most of the problems are from Bell!


Audiovox CDM / PM / Flasher V7 Specs, Features (Phone Scoop)

Audioovx Where to Buy. Audiovox PM, Flasher V7. It is still working. The Marshall Minor II are in-ear headphones that deliver huge sound and impressive battery life.

Audiovox CDM-8910 / PM-8912 / Flasher V7

The sound is distorted and hard to hear sometimes. Download a free PDF copy of the Audiovox user manual here. I haven’t even put a case on it since I bought it and still the elements aren’t strong enough for this handy little phone.

I want it to die so I can buy another, but it works.

Audiovox 8910

I would not buy this phone. The giving season has arrived once again. I bought this phone a little while back when it was new.

I got the phone 16 months ago I never had any real problems, I have dropped the phone lot’s even in the water it still works, the speaker is loud I can hear audiovpx At work, the buttons on the keypad are easy to push Unlike like the razer everyone has the only annoyance I have is the camera button It ke There are ten different screens, that lead to different areas of the phones functions, audivox neither of the two that are supposed to get a person to the internet actually work on my phone; but the price was right, and it met my main needs You can also connect with others in The Informr Community Forum to find and share answers to questions.


Now I have the phone and want to get the info transfered to another phone but because virgin is Cd ma and not gsm meaning sim card I have to send the phone to the original audioovox Audivox. It depends on what you’re looking for LoTechisBest 19 Jul Charge port broke but found alternative charger!

The phone follows ZTE’s mantra of offering affordable devices with good performance, but the Blade Max View is held back by a few core features. It’s got what most other auidovox have.

I wanted a cell phone qudiovox a camera. This is my first camera phone. Even the design is crap. The Audiovox ‘s screen size is Unknown with x pixels resolution. Retrieving pictures to your PC is harddownloading rintones did not work for me.