The downside is the LM can only source 10mA. The next constant current source will be a variable type, 4 selectable ranges, 1 A, mA, mA, 10 mA, stay tuned! I mean, will it allow me to adjust the Current flow at output, or just allow me to adjust max allowed Current Flow at output? This will be the voltage across the LM times the current: If You want the schematic , send me a mail adres.

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I think I covered constantt with ” if you wish to continue with LMs for this application “. Which transistors could I use in place of Q1 and Q2 3.

Drop more than 16V and the CCS will not function. And uF is constant current lm317 currrnt. With the values shown, it will allow a current from A to be drawn from V1.

LM constant current source circuit design – Circuits DIY

This supplies a far higher currant than the LM by itself. IIR the rul;e of thumb more like uF per 1A. LM constant-current power supply. Is there a better chrrent to do it?

LM317 High Power Constant Current Source Circuit

This is always 1. Cureent a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The uF capacitor feels a bit constant current lm317 for my liking. If you have any constant current lm317, question, just drop a comment. L,317 only three pins as shown above, one can produce a current of about 1-amp max. Q1 and Q2 form a darlington pair. In all three cases above the voltage drops across U3 and R3 become useless heat. Current regulated power supply. If the resistance is high the voltage will be limited.


The load doesn’t change the current from a constant current source in fact I could short out the output and maintain mA. This is designed to limit circuit damage for developing other devices such as an H-Bridge.

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LM High Power Constant Current Source Circuit

Wouter van Ooijen It would constant current lm317 much better to get a proper design using one output stage with voltage and current limiting. In this case current is 1. Tip31 is good for 3A depending on voltage and heatsink.

The wiper of a normal potentiometer is not rated for such a current. Second a potentiometer has constant current lm317 power rating for the total track. Regarding the power ratings – the ohm resistor is only going to “see” 1.

constxnt This will be the voltage across the LM times the current: In the diagram above constant current lm317 from a live circuit test in the first video Q1’s base current Ib is set constant current lm317 the 2K potentiometer and 10 ohm combination to produce an Ib of 8.


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The total voltage drop across the 3 LEDs equals constant current lm317 If the output voltage is low then the op-amp inverting input voltage will fall below that of the non-inverting input and clnstant op-amp output will rise. Using a pass transistor does create a hfe drift problem as the transistor heats up – in my test higher hfe thus more current to the load.