Write the Driver Start Function. Many Ethernet adapter cards use the Tulip chip. By reading or writing these registers, a driver can obtain information about the type of the board, the interrupt it uses, the mapping of the chip specific registers, …. We choose to use only one buffer of bytes per descriptor. All the buffers allocated to store the incoming or outcoming frames, buffer descriptor and also the PCI address space of the DEC board are located in a memory space with cache disable.

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We choose to use only one buffer of bytes per descriptor. We have used it to configure the board. We have used this paging mechanism, with 4Kb page.

DEC Driver Introduction 7.

Then the driver connects an interrupt handler to the interrupt line driven by the Ethernet controller the only interrupt which will be treated is the receive interrupt and launches 2 threads: To achieve it, we 211440 chosen a Motorola MCP board. Application Programming Interface 4. We have chosen to implement the PCI address access to obtain compatible source code to the port the driver on a PowerPC target.


Here is a non exhaustive list of adapters which support this driver: Understand the network scheduling conventions 3.

Learn about the network device 3. Once the attach function executed, the driver initializes the DEC chip. We have chosen to use 7 receive buffers and 1 transmit buffer to optimize memory allocation due to cache and paging problem that will be explained in the section Encountered Problems.

On Intel, the memory region cache management is available only if the paging unit is enabled. To reference these buffers to the DEC chip we use a buffer descriptors ring. Driver basic operation 5.

7. DEC Driver — RTEMS Networking User Manual (master) documentation

The difference between a receive and a transmit buffer descriptor is located in the status and control bits fields.

We plan to port the DEC driver for the Netboot tool. First cec of this document Planned releases: Write the Driver Start Function. We have 7 receive buffers and 1 transmit buffer, and for each, 1 descriptor: Accton EN All three media types supported.

In this chapter will see the initialization phase, how the controller uses the host memory and the 2 threads launched at the initialization time.


On Intel PC target, we were faced with a problem of memory cache management. Therefore, fec had to provide a way to manage the cache. Network Task Structure and Data Flow 3.

Many Ethernet adapter cards use the Tulip chip. One buffer has bytes, one descriptor has 16 bytes. Increasing the size of the heap 4. First version of this document. We use Netboot tool to cec our development from a server to the target via an ethernet network. Write the Driver Attach Function 3.

21140 Datasheet PDF

This allows not to lose too much memory or not to disable cache memory for a page which contains other data than buffer, which could decrease performance. On Intel target, the chip specific registers can be accessed via 2 methods: DEC Driver 7.

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