Four of them are at its back side and are, therefore, the best choice for permanently connected devices. So, the robustness of the case is impressing and the workmanship is good. The biggest disadvantage of the Dell Precision M is surely the missing number pad of the built-in keyboard. The 3D Mark benchmark test by Futuremark already hints on a good gaming performance. The current configuration of the M is a great leap forward: But, there is one important aspect, if you want to buy the reviewed model of the M

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Dell Precision M – External Reviews

However, you’ll need a bit operation system to be able to utilize the total RAM capacity. In order to cope with the demands on networj daily hard working workstation, only high-quality materials were used.

System Noise In idle mode the noise characteristics hardly differs from the previously reviewed M with less powerful core components. We checked a number of games on the M, this is the summary: The same is true for DVD playback.

Therewith Crysis is playable. Made in Poland – from the green island to the European continent. So, they will probably require an external input device. Directly comparing results of the 3D benchmarks of the two reviewed Dell Precision M models, the performance increase by the upgrade from Quadro FX to FX M graphics card gets apparent. This notebook has even with maximum resolution and high detailsi.


Audio Output Compliant Standards. This is about the maximum runtime. Please, switch off ad blockers. Although it is in general like the Precision M90, something is still completely different: There is only one point of critique. Software Microsoft Office Preloaded. This desktop replacement notebook has m630 double hook transport lock. After pressing it, a menu was displayed, but it’s entries were deactivated.

The target group won’t mind at all. Five LEDs inform about the left capacity, if you press xell button. Here are hands-on impressions and benchmark scores for a few we didn’t get to. Dell Precision M on Ciao.

Dell Precision

The size of the keys and the keyboard layout are alright. And given its reasonable pricing, the only thing those power users will have to consider carefully when examining this system is whether they can comfortably deal with the 4kg.

Overtime The Dell M already had the chance to demonstrate its capabilities. So, only the operating noise of the hard disk was audible and we measured a noise level of However, the reviewed notebook was not equipped with a simple fingerprint reader. Best tablets and accessories for Christmas gifts: The results of the PCMark benchmark test were also convincing.


The Dell Precision M is a breed apart; legitimately, a laptop workstation. My Products and Services. The Dell Precision M provides desktop workstation class performance for MCAD, digital imaging and video editing through dual core processors, large memory, ultra high performance OpenGL graphics and expansive 17″ displays.

If so, del, find a truly terrific machine. The maximum case temperatures also slightly increased. This page was last updated: