Typically, an 18GB disc will take around 1 hour to rebuild depending on how busy the server is and so on. Okay, that did it!! Yet if I go over to the Device Manager it shows a driver version of 2. I’ve seen lots of incidents of the driver getting changed by microsoft when you do a windows update, maybe this is the case How do I locate it?

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dell virtual disk failed redundancy

All of the available space on the NT disk has already been used in the creation of one or more volumes for that disk. For any volumes that are not Healthy, right-click the volume from the context menu and select Reactivate Volume.

The disk’s copy of the system’s disk configuration database may be corrupted. The disk’s name may be Missing, and an error icon X appears on the missing or offline disk. Certain conditions require that the BBU needs to be reconditioned before it can be used.

Because time is critical, Array Manager makes dwvice easy for you to locate problems quickly. The opinions expressed above are the personal opinions of the authors, not of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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The volume cannot be started automatically. The configuration of a virtual disk has been changed. I can right click on any of the “Array Disks” and there is an option for dell virtual disk scsi disk device. When completed, go to the Array Manager console and click to expand the Arrays storage object, right-click the PVF Subsystem storage object, and select Rescan. Sorry, I visk quite make that clear. None of the drives seem to show any unusual lights.


Hi grhelm, How did you go with the updates?

If you want to swap the disk, right click on it disc 0: If using the adaptec controller, which you probably are, it’s probably dell virtual disk scsi disk device to run a “verify disk media” on the failed drive, if you have an LSI controller, you can download “scsi elite” diagnostics from dells website, this is a bootable floppy that will allow you to run diagnostics on the drives in about 3 minutes each.

This action will update the enclosure status within the GUI. Down to more important things, however.

The procedure for replacing a drive is as follows:. Correct any problems and try to reactivate the disk again.

An risk bonus is that it stops Array Manager grizzling. To be safe, you will need to upgrade the driver to the current revision 2.

dell virtual disk failed redundancy

Both dynamic disks and basic disks display the Online status. If the disk status remains Offline, check the cables and djsk controller, and make sure that the physical disk is healthy. When an operation is inactive or dimmed in a menu, the task cannot be performed on the object at this time.


Event monitoring and logging starts when the Array Manager managed system starts up. Ask your question anytime, anywhere, with no hassle.

Thanks again, Another problem is that since the 0: In the Status column of the list view, you can view dell virtual disk scsi disk device status of a disk or volume. The floppy disks are dell virtual disk scsi disk device bootable and the instructions say I am to boot from a DOS disk. A logical drive is a partition you create within an extended partition on a basic disk.

Sorry, I think I stated that the PE was ait is actually a Both dynamic and basic volumes display the Failed Redundancy status. Once these two steps have been performed, the virtual disk will appear in the Disks folder of the Array Manager console.

Go to the Array Manager console and click to expand the Arrays storage object, right-click the PVF Subsystem storage object, and select Rescan from the context menu that comes up.

To avoid possible conflicts or inconsistencies between the controller firmware and drivers, it is recommended that you only use the supported versions.