The phone ships with 2 games pre-installed, 3D Marble Madness and Tennis. The Ki is the clear winner in usability, which is to say offering a more dedicated camera-like experience. Great touch controls, but funky d-pad. The context sensitive touch sensitive buttons just below the display become the action buttons, which means you must navigate with the d-pad then slide your finger to the correct soft key. On most phones, the battery lives under a door on the back.

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Sony Ericsson Ki Tips/Tricks/Secrets | MyBroadband

In fact, for both incoming and outgoing voice, the Ki is one of the best: Nighttime and dim scene imaging on automatic setting is not good. That’s k8550i itchy-scratchy position Sony Ericsson finds themselves in with the Ki coming out a half a year after the flagship Nokia N Sony and Ericsson mobile products.

Win Server sony ericsson 4. This page was last edited on 19 Novemberat The topmost number key row become camera settings buttons k80i light up in blue.

Sony Ericsson Ki – Phone Reviews by Mobile Tech Review

It also features Bestpic Sony Ericsson’s brand name for burst mode which captures nine images in a row then you can choose the ones you want to save. It’s still got the K series basic candy bar design, and the phone’s size hasn’t changed significantly. It’s on par with the Sony Ericsson Wi, but with slightly better voice quality.


But is it really that bad?

Sony Ericsson K850i

When you bought your Ki you probably received a MB M2 memory card with it. The SIM and memory cards also load here, and you need not remove the battery to swap a memory card. In the world of high tech, you don’t want your product to come out a month after your competitor’s, let alone 6 months.

Supports Image and Video Stabilizer so videos and photos taken would be less likely to appear blurred and shaky. The app handles photos, video and music. Problems can appear if your mobile device is too old end of life or discontinued or not supported any longer. Satio U1 Vivaz U5i. And now we have the 5 megapixel autofocus battle of late This is not recommended for persons who are not familiar with Sony Ericsson firmware: A bit washed out, not much depth of field.

Fortunately, these wipe off easily.

TewPi Xp Driver Download. Easy Picnic Games Ideas. From what we can tell, the lens quality hasn’t improved. These are fairly powerful by feature phone standards, with most Outlook fields supported included home and work address, email address, URL, birthday and more. When you are viewing photo’s or watching videos you can then click “more” to change the orientation to your i850i.


The Netsuke was in a room on a white not yellow shelf with good natural lighting. It supports Java 3D, and gaming is a strong focus for Sony Ericsson. Download the latest Sony K device drivers Official and K85i.

It also introduces the usage of three touch-sensitive softkeys right under the display and a new form of navigation button, omitting the classic joystick introduced with the Ericsson T To use them, press your finger lightly over them with your finger extending onto the bottom of the display where the context sensitive labels appear k8850i almost feels as if the bottom of the display is in fact touch-sensitive. The Sony Ericsson Ki was a high-end mobile phone when released in October Don’t worry if some short ub like contacts or something comes up, just continue with the combination.

Hold the phone with your left and right index finger and thumb only! The close similarities end there. Supports circuit switched data connection as well.