The DC blocking cap comes from switch-mode power supply designs, where saturating a transformer can destroy the transistors due to high currents. After first-light, usually a bit of tuning will need to be done, but the fact that the coil makes sparks is generally a good indicator that the main components are working correctly. Too low and the size our our coil becomes physically too large. With the new primary coil, everything looks a bit tidier and spark length is now officially just hovering around 9 inches! Finally, the coil was given several coats of oil-based polyurethane varnish. However, the advantage of a full bridge is twice as much voltage across the primary and hence most possible power.

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This large flow rate combined with my low duty-cycle should be sufficient. Keep your bus capacitor as close to the transistors as possible, and make sure that the transistors are mounted on a heat-sink.

The frequency generator drives solid state tesla coil frequency of the primary coil and it should be able to be adjusted to run at the resonant frequency of the secondary coil. The best way to test if a core is suitable is to wind a few test windings on the core, connect one end to a signal generator square wave at the planned frequency of the coil, and scope the outputs with an oscilloscope solid state tesla coil make sure the signals come out looking more-or-less square.

This has led to the motivation to write this page – a basic practical guide to Solid State Tesla Coils.

Finally, if you are a serious hobbyist who doesn’t have an oscilloscope, I would say it is mandatory to buy yourself a scope for you to really grow as an engineer!

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A thin coat of varnish was applied over the label to prevent future oxidation of the copper. It also has to be powerful enough solid state tesla coil charge the gates of our IGBTs quickly.

The idea solid state tesla coil to make not only the secondary a tuned circuit, but to also have a tuned primary circuit. This puts the coil out-of-tune. The driver circuit was simply assembled on a perf-board and connected via wires and solder bridges.

With all this done, I assembled everything back together into the case and tested it at full power. See my SSTC 1 which uses such an interrupter for more details. The are three main parts to the system.

This gave my toroid a nice spun-aluminium finish. Items that should be familiar to anyone who has even looked at a Tesla Coil include PVC pipe, Aluminum ducting, and wire … lots of wire.

I used to make my own toroids out solid state tesla coil ducting and aluminium foil, but have also had good results with hand-made soldi toroids wrapped with foil as well as aluminium ducting solid state tesla coil.

Also, caveat – if any of you more experienced coilers out there finds some mistake in tezla write up, feel free to notify me for me to fix it! You are commenting using your Twitter account.

DIY Solid State Tesla Coil | Hackaday

Loneoceans About Labs Home Loneoceans. In this coil, a half bridge has been chosen for ease and compactness, but this can be easily extended to a full-bridge. There are many ways this can be implemented or as mentioned, not implemented at all.


Finally, note that the 30N60s have a pulsed current rating of A which is great – we will be approaching or even exceeding these pulsed ratings in DRSSTC mode! Driving the transistors is a simple exercise for a power engineer, but more challenging for a hobbyist. A Tesla Coil is an air-cored resonant transformer capable solid state tesla coil generating extremely high solid state tesla coil. I’ve used a 4.

However, the advantage of a full bridge is twice as much voltage across the primary and hence most possible power. Its a very good question indeed. I will try to explain some of my design choices. Driving the gates of these transistors requires a powerful gate driver which can supply a hefty current. According to solid state tesla coil calculations, the effective topload capacitance is just about 8.

By increasing the diameter of the solid state tesla coil, I was able to reduce the number of turns from 7 to 6 which allows slightly higher primary current tewla to its lower inductance, all while reducing the coupling for reliable operation.

SSTC III. – Solid State Tesla Coil with 50Hz / 100Hz / DC operation

I found out that while this produced good sparks up to 8. Construction of a Weekend Coil 4.

Resonance with no top capacity is kHz. I believe this is easily fixed by simply making the primary coil very slightly wider solir of directly onto the secondary coil. Finally, some overview photos of the coil solid state tesla coil low frequency mode and higher pulse reps.