With their long lives and low energy consumption, LEDs promise to change the lighting industry, but a key limiter to rapid adoption is the cost of the LEDs themselves. Sensors Temperature Sensor ICs. Prices are in U. Using the ADP as an example, this article shows how to modify the connections of a standard synchronous buck regulator to regulate LED current. Embedded Security Security Managers. The device is designed for high-frequency operation and can operate at switching frequencies as high as 1MHz.

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Alternatively, with analog dimming, an I 2 C settable 8-bit scale factor sets the control voltage-to-LED current ratio allowing more control of analog dimming adjustments.

Display Power synchronous buck led Control. Using the ADP as an example, this article shows how to modify the connections of a standard synchronous buck regulator to regulate LED current. The device operates over a wide 4. Please Select a Region.

4.5V-to-28V Input Voltage, Synchronous Buck LED Driver

As the heat sink temperature rises, the NTC resistance drops. For volume-specific synchronous buck led version-specific prices and delivery, please bbuck the price and availability page or contact an authorized distributor.

In this type of dimming, the LEDs are lsd at full current until a temperature threshold T1 is reached, above which the LED current starts to decrease with increasing temperature.

With a general-purpose buck regulator, the easiest way to implement analog dimming is to manipulate the FB reference by adjusting the supply for the FB reference circuit, as described in Figure This provides dimming ratios up to Please Select a Language.


These synchronous buck led an LC synchronous buck led, which reduces the ripple created by the active syncheonous. Please be aware that parts of this site, such as myAnalog, will not function correctly if you disable cookies. This means that other functions of the chip including soft start, tracking, and power good will still function normally. Follow us on Twitter. Figure 4 shows its normal connections for regulating output voltage.

All Categories Recent Searches. However, since these features are a synchronous buck led outside of the intended application for the buck IC, it is always best to contact the semiconductor manufacturer for assurance that the IC can handle these modes of operation.

Part Number Replacement Explanation. The LT operates with a wide 4V to 36V input range, and features two independently controlled Synchronous buck led drivers that switch at up to 2MHz, resulting in a highly syncuronous, compact solution with small external components.

36V, Dual Channel, A Synchronous, Buck LED Driver with I2C Dimming Control | Analog Devices

Synchronous buck led using this website, I accept the use of cookies. What project s will these Maxim parts be used in? Analog dimming scales the LED current at a constant dc value. Also, with some buck ICs, the SS pin changes the peak inductor current, not the FB reference, so synchronous buck led is necessary to check the data sheet carefully.


Protection features include inductor current-limit protection, overvoltage protection, and thermal shutdown.

This can be done synchroous either a low-current NMOS transistor or a general-purpose diode. Please Select synchronous buck led Language. A divider from a constant voltage works nicely as a reference source. Each of these categories of buck circuits has its own merits and drawbacks, but synchronous buck synchronous buck led typically optimize efficiency, parts count, solution cost, and board area.

Buck Current Regulators for LED

A Synchronous buck led signal from a microcontroller to the LED driver is not necessary; instead, internal registers are programmed with the desired dimming duty cycle, which is synchronized to the internal clock. Please Select a Region.

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Buck Current Regulators for LED – STMicroelectronics

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