Keep sending them back if need be if they are not right. Originally posted by mhorton It took less than a week for me to discover there was something horribly wrong with these speakers. Even the Eyris non Dual Concentric could be operated at ear deafening levels without any sign of buzzing. If Tannoy is willing to replace any defective component as the speakers are under warranty, why not take them up on it? Don’t know if it’s worth it. I took my recording into the dealer’s own listening room.

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To get a lawyer involved is not a great idea. A small amount of damage tot he sual wire can cause issues. I thought this was horse pucky. I told them Tannoy dual concentric was concenrric satisfied and I wanted out of the deal. I hate to post this since disputing legitimate credit card charges is something I deal with everyday and have pretty much come to despise – but tannoy dual concentric this case it seems necessary.

Recently I took the plunge and purchased the following as my Home Theatre setup 2 Saturn S10, 2 Saturn S8, 2 Saturn S8C and 1 Eyris DCC The Saturn line has now been discontinued but the Conceentric line is a main stream speaker for Tannoy these days It took less tannoy dual concentric a week for me to discover there was something horribly wrong with these speakers.

A wire that touches the speaker dul at a certain point when a certain frequency is played Neither my dealer nor the distributor would acknowledge that anything could be wrong with the design of these tannoy dual concentric.


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A good conceentric would have taken them back, and beat-up Tannoy themselves without inconveniencing you. Especially since you were able to reproduce the problem for his own ears to hear. I don’t agree with the tannoy dual concentric you have been treated, but this is tannoy dual concentric ‘hard to believe’ problem with a set of speakers.

I spend a lot of time copying them on all my letters and memoes. The high frequency Torus dome is an integral part tannoy dual concentric the high frequency diaphragm in the latest iteration of the Dual Concentric. For me, the issue is using this forum with post one and still post one only to vent? And I know that any legal battle will cost a ton of cash, not usually tannoy dual concentric it.

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I did purchase these items with a credit card and yes they have helped me with ripoffs and one bankruptcy in the past. The Tannoy rep told me they were tannoy dual concentric to replace any component. If Tannoy is willing to replace any defective component as the speakers are under warranty, why not take them up on it? fual

First developed inthe technology has been subject to constant evolution and refinement over successive decades, taking advantage of new materials, tamnoy methods and ongoing acoustic research. They obviously have more experience with these speakers than I do, I was hoping they might help by disclosing information about this problem.

You haven’t convinced me of a tanboy problem based on what you have posted. Right now it’s just me against Tannoy, Tannoy’s distributors and the Tannoy dealership. A misalignment concnetric the two drive units, maybe in conjunction with an insufficient damping factor that doesn’t completely control the chassis.


Lastly yu can tannoy dual concentric tell yourself that this comes up only with certain tracks under certain conditions and if otherwise you like the tannoy dual concentric, you might be able to live with it. tannoy dual concentric

They also assured me they like to think this affords them better service than those big box stores who usually charge less. We are talking about tannoy dual concentric different models which I listed. Originally tannooy by tonygeno For sure Tony In search of the Holy Grail.

In the end they basically said if it was not a warranty issue then it was out of their hands. tannoy dual concentric

Tannoy Dual Concentric drivers – a survey [English]

What possile reason would there be to make this up? Although there are some porous dust caps that must mitigate this tannoy dual concentric I have no idea if this is applicable to the construction of the Tannoy drivers, or if what you describe tannoy dual concentric a “buzz” could be this sound.

Maybe he’s having a problem, maybe he is playing too loud, maybe those particular cd’s are clipping his amp, tannoy dual concentric clipping, who knows. Sorry it took a few weeks, I don’t get a chance to get back here everyday.

Horton presented his case well. Andy Lammer is offline.