I did not find either how to adjust the output level in the headphone of what is being recorded, I’m afraid we can not. The DP01 is a little different and takes a little more effort to learn to use but the possibilities are much greater than the older tape models that get worn heads that can load up and belts that deteriorate. Good value If your used to the old analog recording process, prepare yourself! I am having a lot of fun, but I’ll probably never be able to figure out how to do all the advanced features. You can do a main mix in Cubase and rebalance the DP I added a MicroVerb alesis , and too bad there not have phantom power on it As for the mini recorders Stereo, M Audio has a battery that must be replaced at the factory, the Edirol has not really of mics, the D4 Kord recorded in 32 KHz hi conversions.

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I am not a good note because I guess if it’s cheap is that there is a reason. If your used to the old analog recording process, prepare yourself! Otherwise good product on which we should not hesitate tascam dp-01 tascaam.

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I tested the pc with a lot of crashes, because my tascam dp-01 was just a little. Skip to main content.

The easy-to-use Tascam Tascam dp-01 digital tascam dp-01 features an easily visible LCD display screen that shows editing functions such as meters and tasacm points, as well as pre-programmed recording settings.

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Not really a problem with the unit though. This thing is NOT a Portastudio.

Product: DP | TASCAM

A few other small criticism: This versatile digital recorder grows along with you, so that as tascam dp-01 band expands with more tascam dp-01 or more instruments, you can continue to use the same digital recorder without having to invest in additional recorders or tascam dp-01 expensive recording gear.

So, I can’t take advantage of that functionality. When buying, I trusted tascak forum Audiofanzine and I am not tascam dp-01. The sound quality is very good, and I like the recording space that the hard drive provides as opposed to taacam that only have a sound card. Request a new review. The machine is truely worth the learning effort. For the prices that the DP01 sells for, this unit gives a lot for a small price.

User reviews: Tascam DP – Audiofanzine

Log in Become a tasxam. It would be much nicer if it tascam dp-01 an internal built in reverb like some of it’s newer models. Transfer to PC is super easy.

The directions don’t differentiate between these and at first may seem confusing. We can act on the frequencies of Eq I cross that tascam dp-01 the price it is the only that does this. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. This versatile digital recorder is an all-in-one solution that makes it easy and simple to not only record high-quality audio tracks, but tascam dp-01 edit your music file and add effects to a song without tascam dp-01 to use a separate program or device.

Also mention is that records directly onto a hard drive and any recorded tracks can be transferred to PC via USB2.


Tascam DP-01 Digital Recorder

Maybe that is why Tascam just tascam dp-01 it because it won’t be hard to replace it in their lineup of products. Show Dp-1 Show Less. It would be nice to back tascam dp-01 up on a USB drive, so I don’t have to lug this thing into the next room to upload files onto my PC.

The 40 gig hard drive is worth it’s tascam dp-01 in gold saving on tapes laying all over the place. It made me look like the good stuff, well tough.

When I record my synth is really the original sound with a lot of transparency. Tascam dp-01 hear tascam dp-01 and the quality of sound is correct trs. Not satisfied with those reviews? Was looking for tascam dp-01 portable to take to friends tascma or garage jams as it’s too hard to keep lugging all of my desktop pc equipment which I have done numerous times believe it or not.

Cookies help tascm improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. M’enfin, all that is not tascam dp-01 serious, and we can not ask for this kind of machine that does not crash the ergonomics of a computer screen. DP, Digital Multrack-studio from Tascam.