This is not a bluescreen issue, the problem is that de OS dont detect the usb device, even so i’ll try this solution, thanks for the feedback. Now I intstalled Win I’ve brought a WLI-U2-GN one year ago, i used on vista32 bits and works great on that, now i’ve change my operative system to Windows 7 64bits, and now dont work, i install the vista drivers, i search for windows 7 drivers and dont find anywhere, can anyone help?! Likely it’s an issue with either MIMO, or not using both antenas. Oh i assume its also Buffalo’s fault you didnt do this also!

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RAID arrays can fail. Oh i assume its also Buffalo’s fault you didnt do this also!

wli u2 g300n This wlk doesnt have drivers for windows 7 and is not supported for windows 7. Likely the site I was downloading it from didn’t give me a 10Mb download speed, so it’s looking pretty good. The transfer speed was over 3 Mb.

Mine went back and forth between 1Mb and Mb. Will try streaming HD after I tweak everything.


WLI-U2-GN on Windows7?!

RAID is never a substitute for a good backup. Then I went into my device manager to install the driver manually.

Thanks a lot, ur a Hardware Guru alright!! I’ve got a 10Mb line, so that’s not too bad. Home Help Search Login Register. Wli u2 g300n have the same problem!! It didn’t look like finished blue bar still going across the screen over and overso I clicked the X in the top right to stop it.

Likely it’s an issue with either MIMO, or not using both antenas. I set out to fix this problem one morning after installing Win 7 64 bit. It never wli u2 g300n anything about win7because win 7 doesn’t exsit at the time!

Hope this helps everyone! Should I now buy a new Buffalo-Adapter only because it is to boring for Buffallo to write a wli u2 g300n driver? It is a normal thing that everybody whats to have the actual operating system! Sorry, but this was last time that I bought a Buffalo product I’ve x64 Seven and the gn works just fine, no signal breaks, nothing, just perfect, Thanks a lot again!

Oh, wli u2 g300n another point. Did you miss your activation email?


Buffalo WLI-U2-GN Wireless-N Nfiniti USB Adapter (EM promo)

WirelessMon showed the following info. I have many other Hadrware which are more then 4 years old and they all work on win7but only the G300j does not! Try this link and read the wli u2 g300n. Clearly I still have a little work to do between the router and the wireless adapter, but it’s a really good start. One is just a plastic stump.

Buffalo WLI-U2-G300N

Yesterday i return here and found you solution, tested and actually works great!!! Come on ,do really want to tell wli u2 g300n that Buffalo produces hardware with drivers only for the existing operating systems??

Now, take a look at this: Why dont you check the prodfuct specs before buying?

HERE is where I ran into something strange. I let ali run for a few minutes while continuing to do research on the Marvell chipsets.